Shanghai Intelligent Vehicle Fusion Innovation Center Co., LTD. allocated in Jiading, Shanghai
Date:2022-01-20 09:41:17 | Page view:

Shanghai Intelligent Vehicle Fusion Innovation Center Co., LTD. , jointly initiated by the China Society of Automotive Engineering, Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute (Group) Co., LTD., Shanghai Digauto Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai International Automobile City (Group) Co., LTD., has located in Jiading, Shanghai.  

The Innovation Center will focus on top-level design and breakthrough of key technologies, drive by data and software, focus on major demonstration, and take technology integration and comprehensive application of "intelligent vehicles, intelligent transportation, smart energy and smart city" as the main research content . It will integrate domestic and foreign innovation resources to form comprehensive innovation capability. To build an innovation center based in Shanghai, covering the whole country and world.

In the mean while, the Innovation Center will base on the reality of Intelligent Vehicle and Smart City construction of Jiading, serve the overall digital transformation of Shanghai, boost the transformation from traditional city to intelligent transportation, explore and develop the “China Model, Jiading Mode”that is replicable and propagable in Intelligent vehicle application and Smart City Integration Development.

In the future, the Innovation Center will unite with important research institutions in various fields and combine the reality of Shanghai and Jiading to carry out a series of innovation and research work centering on the application of Intelligent Vehicle under the background of the construction of urban "Giant System", focusing on the integration and application of 4S technology in Intelligent vehicle and Smart City construction.


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